3 Ways Managers Can Improve Workforce Planning and Development

Workforce planning is an important aspect of today’s business.  However, planning and development is often ignored.  When talent-pool management is not addressed, the results can be dire, especially when a key employee departs, leaving the organization scrambling to find the replacement.  Turnover happens; albeit, successful companies prepare for such an event. With the right plan this potential tragedy is avoided.  Companies must invest in a proper integration of a workforce development and succession plan; whereby successors are identified, employees are promoted, and the machine remains intact. A win for all the parties involved!

1. Workforce planning happens for every levelWorkforce Planning At Every Level

There is tremendous value in enacting a workforce development plan throughout all levels in the organization.  A comprehensive roadmap allows for consideration of every employee within the company.  Although workforce planning can be difficult, Patriot Coaching has simplified the process:

2. Investing in your workforce is crucial

Invest in an employee… and they will invest in you.  Finding a good fit is the first step.  Hiring assessments, such as: PXT Select™ provides cognitive, behavioral and interests into one normative and adaptive assessment.  Some of PXT Select’s key features are interview questions for the hiring manager and a suite of reports, including a coaching report.

Next, uncover personality styles with Everything DiSC®.  Individuals will learn about themselves and their co-workers, which inherently improves communication and reduces conflict in the workplace.

Enhance team effectiveness and productivity through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

Last, but not least, uncover hidden potential with the PXT Select and ultimately identify the ‘next best leader’.

3. Coach employees Don’t counsel them

Coaching and counseling are completely different; although, often confused.  Counseling assumes there is a problem and is geared towards fixing the pain point.  On the other hand, coaching takes a good employee to the next level and helps increase performance.  If the employee is not performing, consider this: is it possible he/she is in the wrong position?  Coach the employee into the right role leveraging assessments with quantifiable data. During workforce planning, consider coaching quarterly, at a minimum.  Coaches can be peers, managers, or even professionals hired to coach.  All these concepts circle around to investing in the workforce.

Employees will see a clear future

Workforce Planning - Clear Future

Implementing the preceding steps while developing or expanding your workforce plan will inevitably add value to the company.  Employees recognize their full potential and feel valued.  Watch turnover decrease, while communication and productivity increase.  Now, realize the return on investment!


Companies that identify strengths, and place individuals in a position that fits, yield high rewards. Implementing strategic and well-placed initiatives during your workforce planning provides a better workplace and culture.  Patriot Coaching offers several offerings to assist with workplace planning and development:

To learn more about these topics, contact Patriot Coaching’s Experts at: 833-272-8746. Check out our video and services pages.

Patriot Coaching, LLC provides life cycle management for organizations by providing hiring tools, along with team building and team assessment services. We help clients take candidates all the way from the selection process through the tenure of the employee at an organization. Our motto is: “Hire the right employee, reduce turnover and promote from within.” Additionally, Patriot Coaching offers team building / leadership workshops, which identifies personality styles and how to effectively communicate with one another; eventually leading to a more a cohesive and productive team. By providing this life cycle management program, the service boosts employee morale, and inherently increases communication, providing for a better more productive workplace.

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