Patriot Coaching Helps Organizations Hire Smarter With New PXT Select Sales Reports

PXT Select Sales Reports - Providing Onboarding and Sales Development REports

Nashville, TN -- 2 March, 2018 -- Patriot Coaching, LLC  now offers a suite of sales-oriented selection and development reports designed to help organizations hire and retain top sales talent. As a PXT Select™ Authorized Partner, Patriot Coaching as exclusive access to the new PXT Select Sales Reports and can deliver these tools to organizations of any size.

The innovative selection tool, PXT Select, has expanded their suite of selection, onboarding, and development reports to include a focus on the sales industry. These sales-oriented reports provide data on a candidate’s approach to critical sales practices, helping organizations hire and retain the right salespeople.

"Patriot Coaching is very excited about this new groundbreaking report set from PXT Select.  With the PXT Select Sales Report, organizations can increase their sales potential within the organization by analyzing a candidates sales practices prior to hiring the candidate. Additionally, the PXT Select Sales Reports will provide thinking and behavioral traits while also outlining the interests of a particular candidate, displaying the match of an applicants' qualities.

The new PXT Select Sales Coaching Report is also an excellent onboarding tool that can be leveraged by the Sales Manager to understand the styles of the individual, and work with them to produce results that ultimately benefits the Sales Executive, and the company."

These reports incorporate sales-specific language and focus on a candidate’s approach to the following critical sales practices: prospecting, initiating contact, building and maintaining relationships, closing the sale, self-starting, resourcefulness, coachability, and working with a team. Combined with the entire PXT Select suite, the sales reports provide actionable data to identify and develop top sales talent, creating a meaningful experience for both salespeople and their employers.


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