5 Reasons the PXT Select Assessment is an Amazing Fit For Your Company

Chances are you are reading this article because your company been looking for an instantaneous, cost effective, and simple solution to integrate into your hiring process.  Undoubtedly, you have come across the PXT Select™ hiring assessment.  The intent of this article is to explore the top reasons the PXT Select assessment will increase your hiring efficiency, onboard more effectively and retain employees.

1.  PXT Select is Proving to be the Most Up-to-Date Assessment Available

PXT Select understands the ever changing landscape of the job market.  In December, 2017, PXT Select announced its recent addition of the PXT Select Sales Reports, which includes additional metrics that key in on Sales force requirements and capabilities.

2.  Improve Your Hiring Process with the PXT Select Assessment

Never wonder if you are hiring the right person for the job again.  The unique testing capabilities included in the adaptive PXT Select assessment provides enough information to evaluate a candidate not only for one position, but for multiple positions.

Take a star candidate and put them in a job role by placing the prospective employee against multiple positions in your organization.  Find the right fit!

The PXT Select Assessment is the best on the Market

3.  PXT Select Provides for an Adaptive Testing Model

Using adaptive testing, PXT Select implements an adaptive testing model.  This adaptive testing hones in on a candidate’s ability level and tests them to provide a more accurate assessment.

4.  Match and Clone Your Current Star Employees with PXT Select

If the PXT Select Assessment is implemented into your organizational culture, you can test existing top performers and apply their abilities to the role they currently fulfill.  Once this testing is complete, you can analyze the data and create models around your star performers for similar positions.

PXT Select Provides for a Better Hire


5.  Onboard Your New Employees Effectively and Efficiently with PXT Select

Use the PXT Select Coaching Report and the Manager-Employee Report to onboard your new hire with confidence.

During the onboarding process, leverage the Coaching report to unleash the hire’s full potential through discussing challenges and immediately coaching the employee to success.

Ensure a great manager and employee relationship by providing an excellent communication platform so that both the employee and the manager can understand each other and their working styles.


The PXT Select assessment allows a company to evaluate candidates through use of a pre-hire assessment that provides the ability to:

  • Measure job related skills and provides insight into an applicant’s work ethic, reliability and drive.
  • Provide for an additional data point that bridges the gap between resume and interview.
  • Turnover reduces with the injection of PXT Select, as it has an uncanny ability to analyze a fit the candidate’s strengths to the position.
  • Indicate distortion through the candidates answers.

Hire with confidence with the PXT Select pre-hiring assessment.  The assessment is a comprehensive view at a candidate, and provides 33% of the hiring decision.  PXT Select’s informative reports emphasize key behaviors, traits and interests.  The pre-employment assessment defines if an individual is a true fit for your open position, your organization and ultimately the team.

To learn more about PXT Select, and PXT Select Sales, contact Patriot Coaching’s Experts at: 833-272-8746.

Patriot Coaching, LLC provides life cycle management for organizations by providing hiring tools, along with team building and team assessment services. We help clients take candidates all the way from the selection process through the tenure of the employee at an organization. Our motto is: “Hire the right employee, reduce turnover and promote from within.” Additionally, Patriot Coaching offers team building / leadership workshops, which identifies personality styles and how to effectively communicate with one another; eventually leading to a more a cohesive and productive team. By providing this life cycle management program, the service boosts employee morale, and inherently increases communication, providing for a better more productive workplace.


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