Your Coaches - Gary Cassleman, Barrett Riddleberger & Timothy Daughtry

Photo of Gary R. Casselman, Ph.D.

Gary R. Casselman, Ph.D.

Principal & Coach

Gary R. Casselman, CEO of CCG, Inc., earned his PhD. in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. He developed the highly acclaimed executive leadership development workshop process, Delta Plus®. Additionally, Dr. Casselman developed the organizational development model, PROChart© , which is a powerful set of integrated technology that supports the development of a high performance leadership force and culture, to ensure the execution of strategy, that works across all business and industry sectors. He offers more than 25 years experience in working with executive leadership & team development as well as organizational consulting. His clients include: RF Micro Devices, Volvo,. AT&T, Henredon, Bush Brothers & Company, Microsoft, and more.

He has co-authored and published several articles on the role of leadership in creating and sustaining high performance in leadership and organizations, and is currently working with Dr. Tim Daughtry on their next book.

Photo of Gary R. Casselman, Ph.D.

Barrett Riddleberger

Principal & Coach

Barrett Riddleberger has spent years working with Fortune 500 companies developing more effective sales teams. As a sales analyst, speaker, and author, he has helped companies throughout North America to maximize sales opportunities and grow their bottom line.

He is the CEO of Resolution Systems, Inc., a sales and leadership training and development firm focused on helping organizations to be competitive in their respective industries. Barrett Riddleberger is also the CEO of Resolution Productions, Inc., an e-learning firm dedicated to providing training and development through the internet for clients of all sizes.

He is also a Professional Speaker giving keynote presentations and coaching corporate executives on professional speaking skills with great results. He is the author of “Blueprint of a Sales Champion” which defines the psychological profile of a top performing sales professional. Through his experience he and his firm have analyzed over 10,000 sales and leadership professionals to provide feedback for improving performance.

Barrett is a strong Conservative and has deeply held beliefs on preserving the integrity of The Constitution and the original intent of our Founding Fathers. He brings years of experience working with well known corporations combined with the expertise and background of Dr. Tim Daughtry and Dr. Gary Casselman to aid top conservative candidates and political leaders to improve their efforts in correcting America’s current course.

Photo of Gary R. Casselman, Ph.D.

Timothy C. Daughtry, Ph.D.

Principal & Coach

Timothy Daughtry, Ph.D., President of CCG, is a clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of organizational experience. After an early career as a clinical psychologist and professor, his interests turned to the management side of treatment organizations. Running a $22 million treatment center with over four hundred employees provided a solid practical background for developing high performance organizations. This hands-on experience in the world of management shaped his firm belief that organizational development must be practical in nature, efficient in delivery, and effective for the organization.

He has worked with executives and teams from nationally recognized organizations such as Volvo Cars of N.A., Microsoft, RFMD, and Checkers and Rallys Restaurants, to name a few. Dr. Daughtry provides intensive leadership development facilitation and coaching to senior executives, as well as working with executive teams to develop and map their strategy.

He has served as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Guilford County Young Republicans in the early 1980’s, and was actively involved in the Reagan and Helms campaigns. He also served on the Guilford County executive committee as a Precinct Chair during that time.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1978. He has authored numerous articles that have been published in a variety of venues, and is the co-author of: Executing Strategy: From Boardroom to Frontline, with Dr. Gary Casselman.

Daughtry and Casselman are now working on their second book, Rules for Mainstream Radicals. This book will apply the coaching tools that they use with business executives to the task of preparing conservative candidates and activists for the challenges of political involvement.