The mission of Patriot Coaching is to empower and equip conservative candidates and constitutional patriots to successfully understand, engage and defeat the radical liberal agenda in the public arena.

You cannot win the war of ideas (or the votes of your constituents) if you don’t understand your opposition and the tactics required to defeat them.

  • To be effective, you must first understand Progressive Liberals:
  • The psychology of their thought processes
  • How they play with words and their meanings to discredit you
  • What their motives are
  • Their effective use of emotion to persuade voters
  • The different ways they will attack you
  • The sources of their ideology

Any rational, common sense person understands that the Progressive worldview is unsustainable and does not work. However, simply possessing a strong Constitutional worldview is not enough to win elections. You must dramatically change the way you engage the Progressive media and your Liberal opponents to influence your constituents and win more votes.

The way to win back our country is to win elections. The way to win elections is to influence the swing voters in the middle to your side. Therefore, you must change your thinking and behaviors in order to change the outcomes of a debate, interview, conversation or media conference.

The Patriot Coaching Bootcamp will show you how.